Our favourite Bamboo DoubleFace collection offers exclusive comfort in brilliant fashion colours. So why Bamboo DoubleFace? Since it is special and you deserve it. Inside bamboo-cotton mixture, so only natural fibers contacted with you skin. The other side is warm and fluffy wellsoft, which makes the brilliant look.





Melange and off-white colours all time favourites, but what if they are mixed. Montreux
 plays with them to create the ultimate urban look.





Recipe: Add a splash of fashion print to a dressing gown. The end result is a simple but not boring robe for everyday use or a sauna session. When you walk into the SPA, expect envious stares. The good news, inside it is again bamboo-cotton, so your skin will be well taken care of.




San Simone

Relaxing pastel colors for lazy days at home. Enjoy the stylish buttoned bamboo niki-velour robe with a silky touch. A soft touch of bamboo on your skin relaxes and calms you. Do you require something warmer? Choose the fluffy and warm Wellsoft bathrobe.





Ashville is a truly one-of-a-kind mini collection that focuses on elegance and bright colors. Bamboo light velour is combined with fluffy wellsoft to create a unique and delicate look. The use of different fabric textures in the same color makes these bathrobes truly unique and elegant.





Hands up if you like natural goods made of BioCotton? The Pure waffle robe family features a high absorbency bathrobe with natural softness.





We haven't forgotten about men, who like wearing robes as well. Among the many options, I'd recommend the printed ones made of Modal or Bamboo.