Belmanetti’s signature is minimalist designs, premium fabrics such as bamboo and modal, fabulous colors, and eye-catching shapes. We love bamboo fabric, so it's heavily represented in the collection. Belmanetti bamboo dressing gowns have a one-of-a-kind combination of cosy softness, unparalleled silkiness, and minimalist design, making these bathrobes a true must-have!

A zoom call in the morning, or the late afternoon - working from home was a challenge during the lockdown. While you just need to dress up on the top for others, why don't you do it for yourself? After waking up, master a morning routine and include a dressing ritual. But instead of the office look, wear one of our bamboo loungewear. It is good for your mental health, and also good for your body.

Bamboo towels can offer everything you could want. The luxurious touch, premium quality and relaxing feel. Bring it when traveling or simply be a gem of the bathroom, the bamboo towels are not just functional with minimal aesthetic, but great for all skintype, especially sensitive.

Why do we love Bamboo?

Bamboo robes, bamboo loungewear or bamboo towels? We are excited to show you our beloved collection. This material is one of our favourite because of its relationship with the skin. Enjoy the feel of a soft hug and luxury design combined especially for your needs.

Bamboo effects on the skin

If you always had problems with your skin, hope it didn't take away from you to feel beautiful because of it's sensitivity. If so, it's time to change your relaxation routine, at least regarding the clothing matter. Bamboo fibers are good for sensitive skin. It's a hypoallergenic material may reduces acne and inflammations.

Take a look at its properties

Bamboo is good for all season, be summer or winter, always a great choice! It prevents unpleasant odors, because of its breathable property. When you are near water, don't be afraid. The bamboo fabric is highly absorbent.

As last, not at least - bamboo design

Functional yet beautiful, our premium quality comes with our bamboo designs as well. Speaking of robes, loungewear or towels, Belmanetti is the guarantee of a luxury experience.

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