About Us

It started with the simple need to relax with style in our own home. To wear something stylish at home when you drink your morning coffee or read a book on your favorite sofa. Belmatex, the company was established in 1997 with the vision to serve the needs for fashionable bathrobes. We have searched for gorgeous premium fabrics, created minimal but premium designs and our vision came to life 24 years ago. Belmatex is a family business, we supervise everything from production (exclusively in Europe) to the last design detail. Belmanetti bathrobe brand is in 600 premium Lingerie and Hometextile stores in countries like Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, and more.

Take a look at our collections and relax with style in Belmanetti’s affordable, premium quality bathrobes!


Our Values

Think Long Term

Behind Belmanetti brand our family will be always there. We created her, she is our child. The owners, my parents are in their 70s and they are still active and passionate about Belmanetti. You can imagine how important is the quality and long-term thinking if you have a child like Belmanetti. Family forever.

Our Design

less is more

Belmanetti’s signature is minimalist style. In our collection stylish decoration, trending colours are the key elements in design, but the most important ingredient is the premium fabric we use. Fabric specialties like Bamboo and Modal are common in the collection, but even cotton is of high standard. 


Our Love

Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo

Sometime we can’t tell why we love one thing or another. However for Belmanetti bamboo dressing gown it is quite clear. It is natural anti-bacterial, so it remains fresh, free of odours for longer. Special breathability makes it dry faster and it is more absorbent than normal cotton. Bamboo is thermo regulating, meaning the bathrobe is comfortable to wear in any temperature. Silky look reflects elegance. Its natural softness is just unique. Be careful even if you just touch a bamboo bathrobe you will not be able to resist the temptation to have one 🙂

Our Quality

For years not for days

We would like you to wear Belmanetti bathrobes for years, so we supply the finest materials from Europe to create garment that last. All the factories who work for us are ethical with their workforce, they do not use children at work, and requirements for health and safety are applied properly. Core values that we share.



old Family Business



in several European countries



options per collection

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